Being the avid soccer player I used to be, artificial grass is not a foreign concept. I remember when we first started practicing on those fields, I was so excited! The fields were always perfect and it was much easier to play on (expect on those hot days, the field would be at least 10 degrees hotter than it already is outside!). I have always loved turf for many reasons and I especially found it important to utilize as California is in the midst of a severe drought.

Reading this article was very eyeopening because it shined a light on the negative effects of artificial grass. I was unaware that the particles in turf could lead to nervous system problems, including confusion, dizziness, and unconsciousness. I believe that the heath of humans is more important than the convenience of an artificial field. If the study’s continue to show serious treats to the health of humans, I believe traditional grass should be implemented more.

That being said, I have been around turf almost my whole live and I personally have not observed any negative impacts on my dizziness, confusion, or unconscious levels (These are just my observations, I could be wrong but I don’t think I have any nervous system problems because of the turf). I know how helpful the fields can be, especially for big sports team seeking consistent perfection in their fields year round. If new sufficient data comes in that supports the negative effects artificial turf has, then I believe we should get rid of it, but until then, I think the artificial grass is a great alternative to save time, money, water, and energy.

What do you think? Here is a visual I used by using Piktochart to give both sides in a more creative way!

The facts used in this visual are from http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2015/10/21/should-we-install-fields-of-artificial-or-natural-turf/

3 thoughts on “#DoNowUTurf

  1. Erika S

    Hey Meaghan! I think that’s awesome how you are connecting your love of soccer with science. It’s crazy how much the two can correlate with each other. I, too, was unaware that turf can apparently lead to health problems. I think that is something that should be heavily researched because so many people around the world play soccer on turf fields. Thank you for this interesting report I really found it eye opening!


  2. Denise Uhl

    Hi Meaghan! Wow what a great blog post! I know you have played soccer a lot of your life and I too had no idea that artificial grass had these effects on people’s health. I know it is important for big sports teams to have perfect consistency but safety comes first! thank you for the informative post!
    -Denise Uhl


  3. John Uhl

    Hi Meaghan, this is such a well thought out post! I really like the visual you included at the end. That was a really creative way to show all the information! I think it is very important to look more into the studies of the effects of the artificial turf on people, especially because younger athletes are exposed to it more and more as it becomes more popular in the athletic world. Great post though, can’t wait for more!
    -John Uhl


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