This thanksgiving I want to work on 2 of my character traits; kindness and self control. I am super excited to see my family and all of my cousins and I absolutely love thanksgiving. I want to reflect on my past couple of weeks and see how i’ve grown and what specific ways I can grow more.

Looking back, I have had an extremely past couple of weeks. I had all of my college apps, kairos retreat, ambassador responsibilities (OPEN HOUSE) job applications, class projects, and other assignments in my extremely challenging classes. I was extremely stressed and rarely got a good night sleep because I either didn’t have a lot of time to sleep, or there was too much on my mind that I couldn’t just relax and sleep. I am so extremely happy that this stressful time is coming to a close and I can focus on the more important things. I tried to continue to work on myself during this stressful time but it was very easy to get overwhelmed and focus on my stressful aspects and not be as kind to my family members.

These next few weeks I really want to work on bettering myself, especially by exercising more self-control and being kinder. I have not been able to keep to my daily workout routine and with all of my stressful activities winding down, I really want to get back into working out. I want to show more self-control on the quality of food that I am eating and also getting the motivation to work out more often. I also want to be kinder to my family. I have a great relationship with my family but it can always improve. I am extremely thankful for them and its my number 1 priority to let them know how much they mean to me this week (and every week!).

I will keep you updated on these next few weeks! 🙂

One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Dear Meaghan,

    What a wonderful and self-reflective post! I really enjoyed this and you inspired me to make some changes! I think we all can relate to how stressful times impact our lives and it sounds like you handle that challenging time well. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family!

    Mrs. Kahn


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