Nutrition is a very broad complex to try to grasp. Growing up, I have never been extremely educated on what was good for me and what was not. I would eat the breakfast my mom cooked for me, the lunch she packed, and the dinner she made without asking any questions. I always have been a super active individual my whole life so the idea of watching what I eat has always been a little foreign. That being said, I have always loved food and have been fascinated with baking and cooking from an early age. Here is a picture of me when I was extremely young in our pantry checking out all our snacks!IMG_3764

Here I am now, in my senior year, and my understanding of nutrition has changed drastically. I no longer play a sport (although I do try to remain active), and many days I find myself cooking my own dinners and packing my own lunches. Especially with the complete independence of college only a few months away, I know that I need to pay much more attention to what I put into my body. I am so glad I am taking sports medicine because my knowledge on nutrition has already exponentially grew with only the few classes we have shared on this topic. This has recently become one of my favorite topics to learn about and I can not wait for more!

One thought on “Nutrition

  1. Dear Meaghan,

    First of all, that picture is adorable! I was very much like you in that my mom made all my meals and I ate them without giving a second thought. It wasn’t until I was older and cooking for myself that I put more thought into what I was consuming. Does anything influence what you cook for yourself now?

    Looking forward to discussing more about nutrition with you this semester!
    Mrs. Kahn


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