Raw Food Diet

Living in our current generation, new diets are very common. One of the most recent trends I have been aware of is the “raw food diet.” This diet was created by individuals that believed cooking their food killed the nutrients and natural enzymes in the product. The claim is that this diet helps detoxify your body, improve your health, and even help the environment.

This diet is a very hard diet to maintain. The only rule is that you cannot consume food that has been cooked (over 118 degrees). Most people eat raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and a variety of grains. All of the food has to be organic and unprocessed. The prep work and cost of this diet is extremely costly. The prep work is very meticulous and it is extremely difficult to eat and make organic uncooked meals. Given these circumstances, it is definitely not a cheap budget. Organic produce is overall a lot more expensive than regular produce. This cost can be higher or lower depending on where one lives and how easily accessible organic produce is. Despite this, however, across the board organic food costs more.

When it comes to the food itself, the only rule to follow is that is can not be cooked. While this seems like a simple rule to follow, it introduces many other parameters. For one, many foods will give an individual food poisoning if it is extremely undercooked or raw. Some of these foods include essential proteins and meat.

This diet is low in calories, very high in fiber, and centered around eating fruits and vegetables. There is almost guaranteed weight loss with this diet, however is is not very healthy. It is nearly impossible to continue the diet for long term and many individuals have to take vitamin supplements to make up for the gaps in their eating habits. Exercise is not needed during this diet and it is not recommended because your immune system becomes weaker.

According to choosemyplate.gov, it is important for individuals to have well rounded diets. They specifically mention lean meats and poultry. The raw food diet makes eating these foods almost impossible, thus eliminating them from one’s diet. This is not healthy for the individual because he/she needs the correct amount of all nutritious categories in his/her daily diet.

Personally I could not partake in this diet. I really love steak and chicken and meat in general and I probably couldn’t last a single day eating mainly just fruits and vegetables. Although this diet has very great weight loss promise, it is important that the individual looses weight in the proper and healthy way. I would definitely recommend going outside and exercising and eating bad foods only in moderation!

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