Semester 1 project – Shadow Host

I am so excited to shadow APEX physical therapy in San Carlos for my Semester 1 project. This is a thriving business determined to help injured people get back on their feet and get healthy again. Through my shadow process, I will learn different ways to help injured people get their strength back. I will also learn the steps to how these people became physical trainers.

I chose this place to shadow because for the past couple of years, APEX has really helped me regain strength I had lost from my back injury. They gave me a variety of activities to do that slowly helped me get back on my feet. I am really thankful for their help and I really want to learn more about their profession.

I went to talk to the receptionist when I went to initially ask if I could shadow at APEX, and she was so welcoming and excited that I wanted to learn more! We set up dates during the coming weeks for me to shadow their business and I will be paired with one of their physical trainers. We did not get to talk specifically, however, about what trainer I would be shadowing. My first day is next tuesday so I am excited to find out who I will be paired with and to learn more about the job!

This is a picture of physical therapy and the types of exercises the trainers have people do.

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